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Simple wedding ideas we observed

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Weddings, as much as they are lovely celebrations, can be quite heavy on the wallet. The expenses are enormous as you have to take into account many things such as venue hire, decoration, wedding gown, wedding accessories, hair and make-up for the bride and the bridesmaids, flower arrangements, table centrepieces, catering, beverages, limousine, not to mention the printing of the wedding invitations and distribution, the fees for photographer and videographer and wedding planner if you hired one. Weddings do not necessarily have to break your bank balance – you can still have a beautiful, elegant wedding on a friendly budget.

Points to consider going simple and budget friendly on:


For sure, that majestic-looking castle or five-star reception hall might be very sumptuous but if you’re not looking for anything too opulent, you can get a similar feel for much less. For instance, try giving boutique or smaller hotels a chance, depending on how many guests you plan to have at your wedding, often they have more affordable packages and are also more intimate than a larger venue. If you are fortunate to live near a nature spot such as a beautiful garden, the beach or a forest, consider having the ceremony there. The setting will already have a romantic atmosphere and all you need is a bit of creativity to make it look pretty – lanterns in the branches of trees, fairy lights, fresh rose petals to create the ‘aisle’ and so on.


You can cut costs with a lot of creative and original ideas in the decoration. For example, for centrepieces, use large glass jars or bowls filled with bright coloured fruits such as oranges, lemons or pomegranates instead of lavish flower arrangements which cost a fortune and do not last long. Another idea could be using flower pots with pretty ferns or cactus as table arrangements. Think out of the ordinary or the conventional and let your imagination flow! Should you be requiring tiebacks for the chairs, large satin ribbons may be used with glass beads in heart shapes tied at their extremities. Several affordable items can be incorporated in the decoration such as straw, leaves, felt, inexpensive lace fabrics. For a classy look, place tea light candles in tiny jars on the table for a romantic ambience.

Bridal hair and make-up

Professionally applied make-up helps in giving you a beautiful, polished look in your wedding pictures, however if you know what products and cosmetics brands to apply that could work well for you, then by all means do not hesitate to apply your own make-up instead of going to a specialist who will charge you a lot of money. After all, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate did her own make-up on her wedding day. Our opinion is that if it is good enough for her, then it is good for us all! 

How to choose a hairstyle for your wedding? Similarly, for your hair, you do not require hair salon if you opt for a simple hairstyle that is elegant. A chignon gives a very classy look without much effort and you might even add some pretty pins or tiny flowers for that extra oomph. If you’re wearing your hair loose and you have short hair or long fine hair, a natural hairstyle is best – a blow-dry or simply spritzing a spray that creates shiny locks is all you need. For those with curls, scrunch then with a silicone-based hair gel or cream to enhance them. 


When choosing the theme of your wedding, you may wish to go for something simple like vintage or the bygone era and build around it. Instead of a limousine, you could hire those cute Beetle cars or an old van. The photographs can be done in a field or a garden to capture moments in nature in all its simplicity. Pearl necklaces (plastic ones that look real) as part of the ornaments at the table arrangements, old typewriters or phones placed strategically for the décor. For guest names at the table, use blackboard paint on a wooden surface or glass jars and write the respective names in chalk. These are merely examples on what you can create while keeping the magic and romance of the perfect wedding.

How to write your wedding vows


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Ah, this wonderful moment when you get to stand before your beautiful bride or your handsome groom and declare your steadfast love in front of your family and friends gathered at your wedding ceremony. With your wedding videography and photography team filming and capturing every single word and moment, does this thought above make you sweat? Do you feel nervous when you ponder on your wedding vows? You should not be, and here’s why:

He/ she is yours!

She or he chose you. There’s a reason why you are standing here today, gazing into each other’s eyes deeply and professing these vows. It’s because that person whom you’re swearing undying love to is yours. There is no fear of rejection or mockery because that person already chose to be with you – you’re getting married to each other! This is your partner, your better half, your ‘person’ and he/ she loves you right back. Do not be nervous to be as cheesy as you want or as soppy as you want because as long as it comes from the heart, he/ she will surely appreciate it and will no doubt reciprocate with the same intensity.

This is you – be unique

The mere fact that you are the one writing these vows for your wedding, for the one you love, about your feelings and what you intend to do , demonstrate or keep up for the following years of your lives together until death do you part should alleviate any tension or anxiety you might have. Can you see? This is not about anyone else. This is about you and your partner. Therefore, you can do no wrong. Just be your unique self and let your heart speak softly or loudly, with intent and all its might, in your own signature style that nobody else can ever reproduce, replicate or imitate.

You are in love

You have probably heard this a million times: love is blind. Or people do crazy things when in love. Or love triumphs all. It is true, that much you have been able to experience. This is what got you to pursue her in the first place and then one day, this is the very same thing that made you get down on one knee to propose to her, if you are the groom. And if you are the bride, this is what made you notice him, yearn for his affections and finally say ‘yes’ when he proposed. Being in love is a wonderful thing because it truly gives you wings and make the impossible possible! You might think you are not good with words, you’re a great person and can show affection easily but when it comes down to writing down stuff, that’s not really you. Well, being in love will help you to overcome this. Writing your wedding vows has got nothing to do with what is grammatically correct or which adjective qualifies more an ardent love or an endless love. In actual fact, writing your wedding vows is all about your feelings and your intentions as you set to share a lifetime together. How is this done? Simply by expressing into words what you strongly feel for each other and also what you desire to bring to each other and what you promise to maintain or do to contribute to each other’s ultimate happiness, growth and journey together.

The story writes itself

If you are struggling to put your thoughts into words and battling with expressing these emotions verbally, you can use a few pointers to help you get this right. Standing in front of the one you love reciting your wedding vows did not just happen overnight. There is history behind this big event. There is a unique, beautiful story that led to this special moment and memorable day – use it. Use every single memory that you can bring up to conjure up the love you feel, use some funny or endearing situations that you have shared together, for instance this could be about the day when you simply knew he or she is The One. You can also include a poem that reminds you of the love you both share or lyrics from a song that are meaningful to you. You may wish to look back on the journey you have done side by side and then comment on the one you are about to begin from this day forward

Outdoor or Indoor Wedding

outdoor wedding venue

The most common mistake people make when choosing a wedding venue is to fall in love at first sight and sign a contract before they’ve considered the more practical things. Never make a down payment under pressure from the sales person and do consider the opinions of your friends and family members. You shouldn’t choose the wedding venues until you’ve decided approximately how many guests you’re inviting and the size of your budget. Of course you are able to offset the venue and banquet fees with the red packets you are going to collect on the wedding day but don’t bet all your chances on it. Many couples ended up having to top up the difference from their own pockets and unless you have real deep pockets, this is a serious consideration you have to make. Read More

Five steps to being a radiant bride on your wedding day


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Every woman wants to be, look and feel beautiful. This desire is magnified for brides-to-be. A bride wants to walk around confidently in her wedding gown and know that she is the most beautiful woman on this planet. She also wants her most beautiful appearance to be filmed and captured by the wedding videography and wedding photography which will form forever lasting memories. If you think you do not have what it takes, think again – you can be a radiant bride. All you have to do is plan a little bit ahead with these five easy-to-follow steps:

If you have a year before the wedding day

  1. Shed off insecurities

Get on the dreaded scale and evaluate your weight, your targeted weight and do not hesitate to seek a professional’s advice on the matter. You have a good year ahead which means anything is possible – you can get into a fitness plan, a diet plan whether you want to lose some extra weight, tone your body or get rid of that tummy. The earlier you begin, the less efforts you have to do.

  1. Stick to a beauty routine

Develop a routine that takes care of your beauty overall – eat healthy, keep fit and maintain it.

  1. Nourish your skin

Cleanse, tone and moisturise. In addition to this, incorporate extra things such as chemical peels or facials or eye treatments. Exfoliate regularly and nourish your skin with oils and milk baths. What you eat also affects your skin, so indulge in an omega-3 rich diet, hydrate and do not expose yourself too much to the sun or harsh temperatures.

  1. Cultivate good habits

Be disciplined in keeping to your beauty regimen, balanced diet and fitness plan. The rest will be smooth sailing as you go into the year.

  1. Dance with life

Embrace your engagement period, enjoy the good moments spent with your fiancé and your loved ones before you step into married life.

If you have 6 months before the wedding day

  1. Shed off insecurities

Assess your weight and take control of the situation. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a nutritionist or personal trainer if need be.

  1. Stick to a beauty routine

Develop a beauty routine that covers your skin, your hair, your body and your nails. Visit your beautician on a monthly basis and go for sessions of laser hair removal or in-depth, rejuvenating facials or body scrubs.

  1. Nourish your skin

Hydrate and eat a balanced diet with food items such as avocado, Brazil nuts, omega-3 rich foods that will give your skin a healthy glow. Find products that work for any skin problem you might have and stick to the tone-cleanse-moisturise regime daily.

  1. Cultivate good habits

Stay disciplined, it might look like there is time until your wedding day however you do want to fit in your dress. Trim your hair regularly, care for yourself whether it is in exercise, nutrition and banishing stress.

  1. Dance with life

No matter how overwhelmed you might get closer to the wedding, remember that this is a joyful celebration. Take time to breathe, take time to enjoy your life the way it is right now as it will soon change in an exciting way.

If you have less than 6 months before the wedding day

  1. Shed off insecurities

Try not to take a crash diet as these usually have bad impact on your health and weight. Rather go running or join an aerobics class to lose extra weight. If you want to tone your body, hire a personal trainer. You might also want to try visiting your spa to see what they can offer in terms of slimming treatments.

  1. Stick to a beauty routine

More than ever, do not skip caring for your body, face, skin and health. Maintain an easy-to-follow routine.

  1. Nourish your skin

Include food items that are good for your skin, hydrate regularly and get salt scrubs a few weeks before the wedding to get a beautiful, natural glow.

  1. Cultivate good habits

Seeing that you have little time, you need to maintain good discipline in your wellbeing and beauty care.

  1. Dance with life

Take time to take a step back. Take time to breathe. Take time ‘off’ with your partner to keep enjoying the things you used to do before you started getting involved with wedding preparations. 

How to choose a wedding dress based on your body type


wedding gown body

There is nothing more beautiful than a glowing bride in her dazzling wedding gown on her special day and having her wedding videography and wedding photography taken. The bride stands out – dressed in elegant white or ivory – from every other person in the room, every other woman. No one can equal her presence – the bride alone is wearing a beautiful wedding dress.

In that light, the wedding dress is therefore an important aspect of the wedding day. It reflects in a very major way the beauty of any wife-to-be. Much emphasis is placed on selecting the perfect dress. But what exactly does this mean and how do you determine which dress is best for you in order to look your very best for your videography and photography? Firstly, we start by assessing what your body type is and secondly, the choice of your dress will be based on this.

The different body types:

  1. Hourglass – women with this body shape usually have a tiny waist, with shoulders and hips approximately the same size and a full bust. Curves are well defined in this body type. It is also the ideal body type for most women. Choose a dress that nips in at the waist, such as corset dresses. This will draw attention to your defined waist and accentuate it as your best asset, without adding bulk to the bust area. Stay away from ball gowns and empire-line style dresses.
  1. Pear – Your hips are wider than your shoulders and your buttocks and thighs are full and round thus creating a pear shape. You also probably have a well-defined waistline. Choose a dress that defines your waist while covering up your hips, such as A-line or princess gowns. Strapless dresses can also be very flattering. Avoid mermaid style dresses, sheaths or straight gowns.
  1. Inverted Triangle – Your shoulders are broader than your hips, you have fuller breasts and your buttocks are more likely to be quite flat. This is also known as an athletic body type. Choose dresses with simple or scoop necklines so that you avoid drawing attention to your bust area. Leave the ornate beading or embroidery for the middle and lower part of your dress. Try long laced sleeves to cover up your shoulders and your arms. Alternatively, you might wear a bolero or shawl to cover the top part of your arms and shoulders.
  1. Rectangle – As the name suggests, your shoulders, bust area, waistline and hips are more or less the same width. With this body shape, what you are aiming for is the creation of curves and the definition of your waistline. In order to do this, choose dresses that draw attention upwards such as strapless or V-neck dresses. Alternatively, you can go for more details towards the hem such as mermaid style gowns with beading and lace. Empire or A-line dresses, ball gowns work well with this type as it defines your waistline. You can also wear a bow or colourful sash around your waist. Avoid straight dresses that will make you look even more rectangular and shapeless.
  1. Apple – Fuller breasts, round buttocks, with your shoulders and hips being almost the same size, this body shape is the most voluptuous of all. Empire-line and A-line gowns are the best for this body type to give the illusion of a slender body and will not draw attention away from your waist. Avoid thin straps as these will cut through the skin around your shoulders. Stay away from princess dresses.
  1. Petite – This is for women who have a slender build, short height. Do favour sheaths and A-line style dresses. Ideally, you want a dress that has a higher waistline such as the Empire style dresses. Avoid mermaid style dresses or meringue, full skirted gowns as these can make you look squashed and seem like you are drowning in your dress.
  1. Slender –women with a slim figure, usually an undefined waistline. Sheaths, dresses with embroidery and bows create the illusion of curves. Do choose high necklines and gowns with fuller skirts. Avoid portrait halter necklines or strapless gowns as this may reveal too much bony structure at the collarbone level.

We hope that these tips above will help you choose the dress that will suit your figure the best. Remember to try your dress with the pair of shoes you will wear on your wedding day to have a clearer idea of what you will look like. Whatever your body type, it is simply a matter of choosing the perfect fit. If the dress fits and enhances your best assets as per your body type, then you should have absolutely no doubt that you will be resplendent.

How to choose your perfect wedding dress


wedding dress

As everyone knows, on the wedding day, the most important person is the bride.

The guests are first to be seated and then, they all wait, along with the groom for the bride to make her entrance. From the moment the music starts, announcing that the bride is walking down the aisle, all eyes are fixated on her. This is probably why for any bride, it is essential to be happy with how she looks before going down that aisle. From her hair to her perfectly polished and manicured toenails, everything has to look right, feel right and be right. Needless to say, the focal point of the bridal attire is unarguably what she is wearing – The Dress.

If you’re the one about to walk down the aisle soon, there is no doubt that you want to look your ultimate best. For that reason, the choice of the dress is a very important one for every future bride. Here are some guidelines you might wish to follow that will help you make this crucial decision in a stress-free manner:

  1. Know your body type

This is a key element when it comes to looking your best. A wedding dress is not simply about finding the most beautiful dress to wear, but also how you would look in the dress and to appear in your best shape for your wedding videography and wedding photography. Choose one that flatters your body shape – this is the secret to looking effortlessly elegant, when you have the perfect fit. This means avoid puffy, meringue-dresses (ones with huge skirts) if you’re short and if you have a ‘boyish’ figure, you might want to opt for a dress that creates the illusion of curves such as empire or sheath dresses. The bottom line is your wedding gown has to compliment your body. Not only will this allow you to look like a radiant bride but also to feel comfortable and glide beautifully along the aisle.

  1. Find the perfect ‘white’

If you’re after the traditional wedding, your wedding gown will most likely be white in color. To ease you into the choice of the right shade of white, firstly assess what is your skin complexion, the color of your eyes as well as the color of your hair. White gowns usually fare better with women who have porcelain-like skin or olive-toned skin, black or dark hair and bright eye color. Redheads with copper skin tones and hazel brown or green eyes and women with blonde or light brown hair and bright blue, green or hazel eyes look best in creamy whites, ivory, champagne, bone colored gowns.

  1. Match your wedding theme

The theme of your wedding will also be a factor that will determine the choice of your perfect dress. Along with the setting, the backdrop of the venue you have chosen, the décor and the floral centerpieces, your wedding dress has to be aligned with your chosen theme. You and the groom are after all, the main characters in this beautiful love story and therefore, you’ll need to both fit in perfectly and represent the hero and heroine of this magical day.

  1. Think beyond the dress

After you have taken into account the color, style, length of your dress, the other things to consider are the accessories and everything else that tie in with your wedding dress. Every woman knows that accessories play a significant role in complimenting the outfit, if not, complete it. Think about the shoes that you will be wearing, the jewelry you wish to wear and your bouquet. The accessories need to accentuate the wedding dress not hide it. Likewise, your dress should equally compliment your accessories. For instance, if you are wearing an ornate necklace, this will probably look better on bare skin, with a beautiful V-neck cut or a strapless wedding dress.

There is a lot of thought that goes on in the selection of the perfect wedding dress for you. Above all though, bear in mind that this is your special day. The day where you get to feel like a million dollars without having to lift a finger, a day where you have earned the right to be the most beautiful woman to the one who is waiting for you at the altar. In that light, the above are merely guidelines to help you in this decision, however it is ultimately your choice to wear the dress that you feel right for you.

How to choose a hairstyle for your wedding


With so many things to order, buy, book, make lists of and prepare for your wedding, it is only normal to also put in a lot of thought into choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day. Every bride wants to look spectacular and truly beautiful on that day. This is key to marching confidently along the aisle, to be alluring on the dance-floor for that opening dance and to look flawlessly beautiful for the wedding videography and photography. Looking beautiful, besides the wedding gown, the shoes, the bridal bouquet, the accessories, the make-up, involves a hairstyle that suits your face and matches with the rest of your overall attire. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a hairstyle for your wedding:

  1. Your hair type

It is vital to take into account the type of hair you have because some styles will work better with fine hair and others with hair with more volume. It all comes down to what style you want and if it will work with your hair type. For instance, if you have really fine hair and they are straight, you might need a lot more hairspray if you want to have curls on that day. The complexity of the hairstyle might involve more time with your hairdresser. Likewise, if you have shoulder length hair with lots of layers, you might want to steer clear of a French braid because you will have loose strands of hair coming out of the braid because the length of your hair is not uniform.

  1. Your face

You will need a hairstyle that enhances your features, not one that hides them or emphasizes something you don’t necessarily want as the focal point. If you have big ears for instance, it would be preferable to have your hair loose, falling into a cascade of beautiful locks rather than in a classic chignon. If you have a round face and have short hair, you might want to be careful if you are having curls as it might make your face even rounder rather than elongate it if you have it in a sleek straight hairdo.

  1. Your jewellery

If your neck and ears are going to be adorned by elegant, opulent jewels, you would want to show them off and not risk having them hidden by your hairstyle. A classic bun with a few loose strands covering your cheeks will look better and display your jewels in a better light.

  1. Your wedding gown

The wedding gown matters in the sense that if you have intricate lace or other patterns with tiny details on the neckline or in the back of your neck going down, you would not want to hide this with long thick curly hair but rather have your hair neatly tied up for a classical look. This will give you the chance to show off the beautiful parts of the wedding gown. If you have a boob tube dress, you have more flexibility in choosing between either having your hair loose (curly or straight), falling on your shoulders and grazing your décolleté, or have them up in a bun, chignon or plaited.

  1. Your partner

Just remember that you are getting yourself ready for the man with whom you will spend the rest of your life with. He will be waiting for you at the altar and you have no doubt that he finds you irresistible. By now, you two know each other quite well, enough to say that you know what kind of hairstyle he prefers on you. He perhaps has had the chance to see different versions of you –when you cut your hair or allow it to grow longer, when you color your hair or wear bangs. And you most certainly know which ones stood out more and made him look at you with desire and admiration in his eyes. Therefore, it only makes sense that you also consider him in the decision-making process.

10 Things to Tell Your Floral Designer



It’s imperative that your wedding flowers fuse with their surroundings and fit the style of your ceremony. To get the best possible result from your wedding photography and wedding videography, you must give your floral designer as much information as possible beforehand. Failure to provide the correct details could cause serious problems and make your venue look mismatched and botched together. When you’ve found a suitable floral designer, attend the meeting prepared with the following information:

1. Your Location – Will you be at a country club, with large glass windows overlooking a golf course? An arboretum, where there are existing gardens in place? A hotel ballroom that’s a blank slate, a cavernous room with a gorgeous chandelier that will need to be filled to overflowing with beautiful floral décor? Your home? Floral designers say that this is one of the most important questions they ask of brides and grooms who come in for consultations. They’ve worked in many of the most popular sites in the area, so they know what looks fabulous on your favourite restaurant’s outdoor terrace, that your choice of ballroom has a staircase that can be lined with garlands, or that the country club already has floral décor in their cocktail party room. If your wedding will take place at any establishment like a hotel, ballroom or restaurant, ask if your florist is familiar with it, and bring photos of the room that you’ve printed off of their Web site initially. The florist will want to visit the site with you in order to get a feel for the features, for alcoves and the shape of the room. There’s no replacement for actually being there. And that will apply as well if you’ll be having the wedding at home, whether indoors or outside under a tent. The floral designer can do his or her work more perfectly for you when you share an in-person tour of your planned wedding space.

2. The Season – Be sure you have your wedding date set before you meet with your floral designer, since the foundation of the floral design and carry pieces will depend so much on the season of your wedding. Certain flowers and greens are more plentiful and perhaps more affordable at certain times of the year, after all, and a good florist will create designs that fit with the time of year. For instance, bright yellow, summery daisies wouldn’t work for a winter wedding. Autumn weddings would feature a wide range of fall season flowers, leaves and other gorgeous elements to the floral pieces. The florist will be able to tell you which types of flowers can be imported for your wedding date, such as tropical flowers for a late-spring wedding. This piece of information will impact not just your style, but your wallet as well.

3. Your Style and Formality – Of course, your flowers will need to suit your style – Victorian, traditional, modern, art deco – as well as any theme you have in mind, and the florist will need to know your formality level to match the flower design appropriately. Roses are ideal for a formal wedding, while birds of paradise suit the tropical-themed wedding.

4. Your Colours – A coordinating and complementary palette can only be created with colour swatches, not vague descriptions.

5. Your Budget – Let your florist know your range, and he or she will describe what you can realistically expect from your budget. Thirty centrepieces on £200? Doubtful.

6. What Your Gown Looks Like – Bring or e-mail a photo of your gown’s design, so that the floral designer can create a bouquet size and shape that complements you in your dress. For instance, a dress with intricate beadwork on the bodice shouldn’t be hidden by a giant, cascading bouquet. That photo of your gown, and the fabric it’s made from, will further shape the floral designer’s expert opinion of your most ideal bouquet shapes and sizes. A look at the lace on your gown can also help your floral designer choose the perfect complementary filler. An authentic Victorian lace would look wonderful with Queen Anne’s lace, for instance.

7. Your Favourite Flowers – Share a list of your favourite flowers, including the flowers from your love story. If your groom gave you calla lilies the night you got engaged, it would be a wonderful tribute to that moment to bring callas into your wedding day bouquet or centrepieces.

8. Any Allergies You or Your Groom Have – If either of you have allergies, your floral designer knows which flowers give off less pollen, preventing you from being red-nosed and sniffly at the wedding.

9. A Description of Your Guest Tables – Traditional round tables? Long, rectangular family tables? Square tables? Let your florist know what you’ve chosen so that he or she can choose the perfect vase and floral design for the centrepieces. For instance, a long, rectangular family-style table invites long planters filled with flowers set along the table runners. A round table invites a small, round vase or an elevated candelabra with floral accents.

10. Your Plans For Your Flowers After the Wedding – If you plan to preserve your bouquet, your florist can choose the flowers that work best in that process. If you wish to plant your centrepieces at your home, a living reminder of your big day, then he or she might go with potted topiaries that have been studded with stephanotis blooms.


7 Romantic Date Ideas That Are Timeless


Marriage is not all what it is cracked up to be. Marriage is beautiful but hard work and in the midst of the daily responsibilities such as going to work, taking care of the household chores and the children, it is easy to get stuck in a routine and forget to make time for your spouse. Some days, it might even feel that you barely even have time for yourself.

When you find yourself being distant from your spouse and only talking about the mundane things such as the bills, your schedule and things that are unrelated to the way you feel about each other, then it is time to set the clock on to romantic quality time for the two of you to reconnect. It is essential for a healthy marriage to cultivate date nights and ensure they happen on a regular basis. Every couple is different, some find that they enjoy spending one night per week on a romantic night out while others might like a weekend per week, at the end of the day, it is up to you and your spouse how much time you want to set aside regularly to that effect.

You don’t need to splurge or go into an intense week of preparation for this. We suggest these 7 romantic date ideas for you to start establishing this habit:


1. The classic dinner and a movie

Such a classic, old-time favourite of a lot of couples, married or not and it isn’t hard to see why this ranks highly on the date night selection: watching a movie transports you into another world, sometimes of fantasy depending on the genre obviously, but mostly it makes you experience emotions and you get to share the story with your better half. Dinner brings you closer as you chat over a meal about the movie or on other matters. You might want to go to the cinema and to a nice restaurant or stay home, order some take-aways and watch a classic movie or to rekindle the romance of your love story by watching your very own movie – the one you had made from the wedding videography. A special treat to share and relive these emotion-filled moments.

2. A late afternoon walk or a picnic with your camera

Go for a walk if the weather and your location allows it and pack some snacks for a picnic on the way. Use your camera to capture photography or videography of each other during the walk and also the fun of you have have. Do remember to bring a small and light tripod if you wish to achieve stable and non blurry shots at night or to do a nice scenic background shot.

3. Candle-lit dinner in a restaurant

This one requires some efforts in booking a restaurant you both like, getting dressed up and enjoying a romantic dinner together as if it was your first date.


4. Theatre show or musical

Check out the events in your town and see if there’s anything that tickles your fancy. It might be a circus evening or a theatre show, a ballet performance or musical. Whatever it is, make it a fun evening where you allow yourselves to be entertained while you cherish the time you get to spend with your spouse

5. A creative evening

Get out of your comfort zone by doing something the challenges you both on a creative level. Perhaps you might find that your voice is not so rusty after all and you could sing a duet on karaoke or perhaps you might want to write each other a poem or paint your respective portraits and have a good giggle about it, basically it is to have fun and not taking this activity too seriously but rather remember to laugh and find your inner child. You can also take some creative photography or videography with your smartphones and form a montage when you get back.

6. A cook off

Nothing warms the heart more than a home-cooked meal: buy groceries together, stay in and cook yourselves a storm in the kitchen. You can either split the meal – one of you does the starter and the other the main course, or one of you chops and dices while the other cooks over the pan.

7. Board games

Get competitive in a good, fun and interactive way by playing a game of chess, or any other board games you both enjoy. Perhaps you could also try something new just for a challenge and for an interesting twist, the one who wins gets to have one night off from having to wash dishes or the one who loses has bring the other breakfast in bed the following morning.

The Honeymoon Phase


Hearing the words with your wedding videography Singapore crew  rolling the camera “ I now pronounce you husband and wife” and “ you may kiss the bride” while you both stand at the altar brings not only happiness but also a sense of relief. Gone is the weight off your shoulders of having to run around tasting cakes, going for different sessions to your tailor or dress-maker to try on your wedding outfit and moving people’s names around for the table plan, getting the wedding videography and wedding photography sorted as well as all the other responsibilities of wedding planning.

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Choosing wedding video songs

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If you’re wondering why choosing weddings songs is not something that can be done lightly, it helps to remember what music conveys in the first place. Music touches people’s hearts in unfathomable ways – it brings emotions to the surface when listening to it, cheerful melodies create a good vibe for dancing or festive occasions, romantic instrumentals create good ambiance and used therapeutically, music can even uplift the senses. It is no wonder then that music is quintessential for weddings and even more importantly for the soundtrack of your wedding video.

You have chosen an expert in wedding videography and wedding photography to film your wedding and now, you have to submit some songs to be included in your wedding video. With some of our tips below, you will soon find it easy to pick a few songs to capture that wonderful moment in your life for you and your husband.

Choose a song that means something to you and your husband. It might be the song that played the night you went out on your first romantic date, or the song that was playing in the background when he proposed. It could be a song that makes you both feel happy and in love. It could be a song that reminds you of each other and your special relationship.

Choose a song that will stand the test of time. The wedding videography is now done and over the years, this wedding video will enable you to relive the most precious moments of your wedding day. You might play it to your children one day or want to watch it for your 25th Anniversary. A classic song will never go out of date and a beautiful melody will always be something lovely for the ears rather than one of the top hits of the year.

Choose a song that reflects the tone of your wedding and that fits the theme. If for instance, your wedding dress is made of vintage lace and your wedding decorations are white candelabras wrapped in pearls, music that fits that bygone era will be perfectly suited to match.

Choose a song that you both enjoy. The wedding video is about you and your husband’s wedding day. Nobody else’s. Therefore, even if you are tempted to select a song just because of its romantic lyrics and is by far the most popular wedding song of the decade, keep in mind that the song needs to be valuable to you and your husband. Do not place too much emphasis on what the lyrics of the song says or that the song is not necessarily a declaration of undying love and a promise of a life lived happily ever after. This could be a song that speaks about something completely unrelated, however if when listening to that song conjures up images of your first kiss, or one memorable time where you laughed your heads off together, then by all means, include it. You should be able to not worry about what other people will think.

Choose a song that complements the video as the scenes are rolled out. You might need to speak to your wedding videographer about this one as this is what he or she will do during the final edit. Every time the scene changes to another one, the beat of the song at that specific part of the video should be absolutely apt.

Choose a song that is different from the others you have chosen. Do not be afraid to mix a couple of songs, even if you think they are different from each other. One song could be jazzy and the other a classical instrumental one, both will be used to bring out the best in specific moments in the video. Instrumental music could be used during the speech or when you exchange your wedding vows so as not to detract from the voice audio of the video.

Choose a song that played at your wedding. The song that played when you opened up the dance floor with your partner. The song that you both heard when you were sipping on champagne after the speech. If there was a band or musician playing at your wedding, you could ask for the pre-recorded song and include it in your wedding video.

Roles of A Wedding Planner

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There is hardly a person in the society or around us who doesn’t like to watch a movie. But how many of us have actually made one? Similarly, we all get married at one point in our life- but without the touch of an expert, an event like wedding can be ruined and instead of making a lifetime memory, will remain as a lifetime nightmare in the lives of all who attended it. Therefore, it’s better to be a guest or a viewer or the producer & participant of this event and let an expert wedding planner take over all the responsibilities!

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Make-up Artist x Wedding Photographer

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First impression is the most sensitive fact when it comes to knowing someone or something for the first time. This very first impression can happen both face to face or through a media. No matter what, each and every girl wishes to look her best on her wedding day and the grooms of today are not lagging much behind regarding this fact. Whether you see a bride face to face or through a photograph or video- the very first glance makes the first impression. Neither the contribution of the make-up artist nor that of the wedding photographer is negligible here. Together these two can provide you with the desired look on your wedding day. 

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The Mandatory Subjects of Wedding Videography and Photography

There is no limit of subject or situation when it comes to taking selfies- just because we wish to click one and have required equipment at hand- we keep clicking on. There is no scope of forgetting one and taking a rather unimportant shot. But when it comes to any important event, specially the once-in-a-lifetime event of wedding, we need to be very careful about our shots. We can’t really keep taking random pictures and never wish to regret later for not taking an important moment. To avoid such problems, it’s best to decide on the subjects before hiring a professional wedding videography and wedding photography Singapore company.

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Wedding Photography x Wedding Videography

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Once there was only moving pictures and no sound or dialogue of what was going on. Then again, there is animation. But nothing gives the pleasure of a full motion picture- movements, dialogues, background music- in short, a complete story. On the other hand, there are still pictures which are best options for capturing a special moment or highlighting that moment for promotional purposes. The point being here is, a wedding requires both- the motion picture and the still one. Therefore, both wedding videography and wedding photography are important, in fact must-have parts of a wedding.

Alternatives are always there- but we mustn’t forget that no alternative is a better option than the original idea. You can always replace videography with still pictures by making slideshow or something and adding background music & voice for dialogue. But will that be any different from an animated movie? Again, you can cut out pictures from your videography and make an album full of still pictures. But will it have the same impact as a professional wedding photography? No. Therefore, cut the idea of choosing any one option between wedding videography and photography and go for both. Let me explain in details.

The most flashy sign of a wedding or a married person is the ring on that ring finger of the left hand. Now, do you really think that your ring needs to be shown as being bought from the shop, being packed, being taken out from the box & placed on a beautiful case and then being put on your finger by your partner- all these in a moving picture? On the other hand, when your partner is putting that ring on your finger, you certainly would love to keep that memory as a live action and not as in still pictures put one after another. Again, that moment when s/he has finally put that ring on your finger- the feeling on your face and on your partner’s can’t be captured with motion pictures, it needs still capturing. Therefore, to have a proper memory of your ring ceremony, you need both photography and videography to preserve it perfectly.

To be more elaborate, when your are trying to capture the highlights to make a love story film of your actual journey together so far- you can make that slideshow through both wedding videography and photography. Again, when your are thinking of making a concept love story like the ones in fairy tales- you can opt for both. But if you have decided to make a feature film, only videography is your option. 

Point is, you can choose to have both and then decide which one to use for the actual purpose; but you can’t choose to have anyone or the other. Because, apart from being the visible inconsistencies, there are also technical inconsistencies associated with the choice of either of the two options from wedding videography and photography. A quality wedding photographer and videographer can select the best options for each purpose of your wedding event. S/he will know which equipment will be the best for which kind of photography & videography. There are different lenses available for portrait & landscape photography, for product photography, for food photography etc.; there are also different reflectors & lights available for photography & videography.

Therefore, keeping in mind the value of both your most important event and your hard-earned money, let the expert decide which is best for you and go for both wedding videography and photography.