Outdoor or Indoor Wedding

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The most common mistake people make when choosing a wedding venue is to fall in love at first sight and sign a contract before they’ve considered the more practical things. Never make a down payment under pressure from the sales person and do consider the opinions of your friends and family members. You shouldn’t choose the wedding venues until you’ve decided approximately how many guests you’re inviting and the size of your budget. Of course you are able to offset the venue and banquet fees with the red packets you are going to collect on the wedding day but don’t bet all your chances on it. Many couples ended up having to top up the difference from their own pockets and unless you have real deep pockets, this is a serious consideration you have to make.

The first question you want to ask yourself is whether you want to have:

  1. Full indoor wedding
  2. Full outdoor wedding
  3. Outdoor wedding for the ceremony and indoor for the banquet.
  4. Indoor for ceremony and outdoor for banquet (very rare)

Taking away the element of weather, location and insects, we believe that most people love to hold an outdoor ceremony wedding. The banquet can be held indoor for more comfort, easier coordination and access to amenities such as washrooms.

Pros of outdoor wedding ceremony

Scenic backdrop: Nature and outdoor provides so much beauty compared to indoor wedding. What can be better than to say your vows, seal your kisses and sign your commitment towards each other at an enchanting garden, white sand beach, fascinating ocean view or by a majestic cliff side? Nature already has the most beautiful backdrop and there is no need to spend anymore money. The most you need to do is to add in some balloons, drapes, flower petals and lanterns etc.

Visual image: Holding your wedding at a scenic location will definitely make your wedding videography and wedding photography works stands out from the rest and leave a deep lasting impression due to natural sunlight and the unique settings compared to indoor environment. Unless you plan to hold the indoor wedding in a majestic church or in a uniquely decorated venue, chances are that an outdoor wedding always turns out better for the photos and video. The best time to hold your wedding is during the “golden hour” or sometimes also called the “magic hour”. This is the period before sunset which the daylight is redder and softer and will create a very pleasing look for both your wedding photos and video. You will need to estimate your ceremony duration and try your best to avoid holding it past the “golden hour” as that is the time where the sky loses the golden light and project  blueish cast. Not good. Do also consider the position of the sun and how the light shine on you and your guests. You do not the sun to shine directly on your guests’ eyes during the ceremony and cause them them squint. The safest way is to scout the location exactly the same time as you intend to hold your wedding ceremony.


Cons of outdoor wedding ceremony

Unpredictable weather: That’s the most important consideration as outdoor wedding is heavily influenced by weather conditions. With indoor wedding, you are in a controlled environment and your guests are well protected with cooling air con and your event will go as planned no matter rain or shine. The weather could get hot and humid and will pose some discomfort to your guests for outdoor wedding. It is also advisable to avoid choosing the wettest period to hold your big day (December-January). You also need to have a contingency plan to relocate your ceremony and guests in case it rains.

Lighting: If you are holding your ceremony after sunset, lighting is an issue. Unlike indoor venue where electricity and lights are readily available, you may need to use power generator to power those lights. If you are holding it in late noon or early afternoon (11am-3pm), the sunlight will be very harsh. You and your guests will be squinting their eyes through the ceremony and cause some discomfort. Not forgetting it’s going to be very hot and humid too. Therefore we always recommend our couples to hold their ceremony early in the day such as 9am/10am or hold it during the golden hour (6pm-645pm)

Bugs and insects: This may create bug swatting activities if you are using lots of fresh flowers or food are easily available.

More expensive than indoor wedding: Holding an outdoor wedding may incurred more costs than doing it indoor due to extra booking fee of the venue. Most hotels provide free usage of their function room for ceremony if you are holding your banquet in their main ballroom. If you wish to hold your ceremony outdoor or semi-outdoor, most of the time there will be extra charges. In other words, you are paying for 2 venues instead of 1.

Access for handicap and washrooms: If you are expecting handicap guests or many old folks, do make sure there are nearby amenities such as washroom and seats easily available for them to rest on. Do also consider the walking path to your ceremony venue. Is it going to be tough for them to walk etc. For ladies on heels, is the ground going to be too muddy, soft or uneven for them to walk on.

Noise control: Depending on the location, you may have to keep your party sound level to a certain level after a certain time so as not to disturb your neighbors.

As the weather in Singapore is generally hot and humid, you will want to make sure your venue is well ventilated and guests have a good flow of cold beverages. If you want to hold a garden wedding ceremony in a glass sheltered air con environment and do not want to worry about the rain, Gardens By The Bay is a great venue choice in Singapore. 

wedding photography and videography singapore

wedding photography and videography singapore


Pros of indoor wedding ceremony

Unaffected by weather: No wind to ruin your hairdo, no rain to run away from and you can hold your wedding at anytime of the day with no sweats in a cool aircon environment.

Easy lighting manipulation: Most venue establishments have good lighting fixtures that will lit the venue well and according to your specification. You also do no have to worry about power generator and no golden hour to adhere to.

Good access to amenities: Indoor venue generally has very easy access to carparks, ramp for wheelchairs, lifts and washrooms etc. Grounds and flooring are also flat with carpet coverings.

No external noise: You do not have to worry about car horns, passing traffic or nearby construction noise etc disturbing your vows during the ceremony. It will be a more private affair for those seeking privacy.

No bugs and insects to run away from.


Cons of indoor wedding ceremony

Artificial backdrop: You can spend tonnes of money on the decoration to make the venue look grand. However it will never be as beautiful as the great nature outdoor.

Restriction on the allowed decoration and timing: You may be restricted by the venue’s rules and regulation when it comes to setting up and decorating the indoor venue. You may also be required to end your event by a stipulated time and cannot party till late night.

Artificial lighting: Spotlights and chandelier will never be as good as the golden hour sunlight.

May lose the uniqueness: Statistics has shown that most people hold their wedding ceremony indoor and your photo and video may not be able to bring out the “Wow! This is a nice place!” effects. Of course you still can make your wedding venue unique by decorating it to your preferred themes and styles or by choosing a less common venue.