How to write your wedding vows


writing vows

Ah, this wonderful moment when you get to stand before your beautiful bride or your handsome groom and declare your steadfast love in front of your family and friends gathered at your wedding ceremony. With your wedding videography and photography team filming and capturing every single word and moment, does this thought above make you sweat? Do you feel nervous when you ponder on your wedding vows? You should not be, and here’s why:

He/ she is yours!

She or he chose you. There’s a reason why you are standing here today, gazing into each other’s eyes deeply and professing these vows. It’s because that person whom you’re swearing undying love to is yours. There is no fear of rejection or mockery because that person already chose to be with you – you’re getting married to each other! This is your partner, your better half, your ‘person’ and he/ she loves you right back. Do not be nervous to be as cheesy as you want or as soppy as you want because as long as it comes from the heart, he/ she will surely appreciate it and will no doubt reciprocate with the same intensity.

This is you – be unique

The mere fact that you are the one writing these vows for your wedding, for the one you love, about your feelings and what you intend to do , demonstrate or keep up for the following years of your lives together until death do you part should alleviate any tension or anxiety you might have. Can you see? This is not about anyone else. This is about you and your partner. Therefore, you can do no wrong. Just be your unique self and let your heart speak softly or loudly, with intent and all its might, in your own signature style that nobody else can ever reproduce, replicate or imitate.

You are in love

You have probably heard this a million times: love is blind. Or people do crazy things when in love. Or love triumphs all. It is true, that much you have been able to experience. This is what got you to pursue her in the first place and then one day, this is the very same thing that made you get down on one knee to propose to her, if you are the groom. And if you are the bride, this is what made you notice him, yearn for his affections and finally say ‘yes’ when he proposed. Being in love is a wonderful thing because it truly gives you wings and make the impossible possible! You might think you are not good with words, you’re a great person and can show affection easily but when it comes down to writing down stuff, that’s not really you. Well, being in love will help you to overcome this. Writing your wedding vows has got nothing to do with what is grammatically correct or which adjective qualifies more an ardent love or an endless love. In actual fact, writing your wedding vows is all about your feelings and your intentions as you set to share a lifetime together. How is this done? Simply by expressing into words what you strongly feel for each other and also what you desire to bring to each other and what you promise to maintain or do to contribute to each other’s ultimate happiness, growth and journey together.

The story writes itself

If you are struggling to put your thoughts into words and battling with expressing these emotions verbally, you can use a few pointers to help you get this right. Standing in front of the one you love reciting your wedding vows did not just happen overnight. There is history behind this big event. There is a unique, beautiful story that led to this special moment and memorable day – use it. Use every single memory that you can bring up to conjure up the love you feel, use some funny or endearing situations that you have shared together, for instance this could be about the day when you simply knew he or she is The One. You can also include a poem that reminds you of the love you both share or lyrics from a song that are meaningful to you. You may wish to look back on the journey you have done side by side and then comment on the one you are about to begin from this day forward