Creativity with wedding videography and photography

creative colors

Creativity- a small word but capable enough to make extreme difference. Creativity has no boundary. It is mostly visible through the movie world, the television programs and different events. When it comes to events- the most creative one is wedding. The once-in-a-lifetime experience of a couple can actually give the organizer an opportunity to be at the peak of creativity! However, the more creative the organizer is, the easier becomes the job of the wedding photographer & videographer. But being out-of-the box with wedding photography is as easy for the smart one as it is difficult for the not-so-smart one.

Wedding videography and wedding photography is not a new trend. No matter how a society is living in the dark in terms of modernization, it does capture memories of a wedding. But how modern, how smart and how unique your are- is known through your creativity with wedding videography and wedding photography. This creativity is done by the contribution of both parties- the client & the professional photographer. The emphasis is given on the communication because, many poses are common in wedding photography- but not every client wants them or like them. Each individual is different and therefore, needs to be treated differently.

The professional’s contribution: the professional wedding photographer is capable of serving most with the instructions for different poses designed for the couple who are not models and are not supposed to know how to pose. But without being able to properly communicate & understand the client’s demand, service won’t be of a good standard- let alone, out-of-the-box.

For example, the ring- is it needless to mention that every photographer will be giving a special attention to this subject. But are you creative? Can you project the ring in a different way than others have? Well, search for options, create your own poses, combine poses from different other sources, use your imagination and make the best out of it. Remember, there is no boundary in being creative. This is true for every other subject a photographer wishes to capture in a wedding. Moreover, being a professional, the photographer must need to be updated with the trends. Sometimes, things followed in a different culture can make a perfectly suitable way of photography for your project. So, utilize your resources, take full advantage of the technology.

The client’s contribution: the client or the couple to get married have the most right to decide on how the memories of their most important life event would be captured. Therefore, they need to discuss among themselves as the first thing. Since today’s wedding photography & videography is much beyond the traditional picture & video taking, the couple also need to keep in mind the new trends before deciding. There is the making of the love story of the concerned couple- this is obviously shot before the wedding and is presented through a slideshow to the guests. Only the best memories of the couple are highlighted in these slideshows. Again, there is the concept love story where the couple actually get to be in and make their own fairy tale. This is also a part of the pre-wedding photoshoot. Then there are the regular shots taken on the actual day during the church ceremony, the ring ceremony, the food, the decoration, the venue, the dress, the jewelry etc. Of course, the professional photographer is supposed to know all these- but it’s best for you if you know things before spending your money.

With a proper understanding of each other and ourselves, the best creativity is possible to be displayed with wedding videography and wedding photography.