Make-up Artist x Wedding Photographer

make up brush

First impression is the most sensitive fact when it comes to knowing someone or something for the first time. This very first impression can happen both face to face or through a media. No matter what, each and every girl wishes to look her best on her wedding day and the grooms of today are not lagging much behind regarding this fact. Whether you see a bride face to face or through a photograph or video- the very first glance makes the first impression. Neither the contribution of the make-up artist nor that of the wedding photographer is negligible here. Together these two can provide you with the desired look on your wedding day. 

A professor of Marketing once said ‘girls can’t be ugly… they are either more beautiful or less beautiful… but never ugly’. True- yet, each girl wishes to look even more beautiful than she usually is and nobody but a very skilled makeup artist can do this only. Again, there is no point if you look your very best and there is no memory captured of that look. Therefore, you also need an expert wedding photographer. You may be thinking that since you are always doing your make-up yourself, then it would be enough if you get yourself the best possible wedding photographer. Well, think like this. You are not expecting to capture the memories of the actual day- of the church ceremony, of the ring ceremony, of the other rituals on the actual wedding day only.

In fact, you would more than love to have a slideshow made with the photographs highlighting your love story so far. Even, there are couples these days who like to have a concept love story– based on a fairy tale- of their own. In both these cases your makeup will have to be different from the regular days’ usual make-up. And, here comes the role of a highly skilled makeup artist. Remember, regular make-up artists are not enough for wedding make-up. Because on this day your look must complement the dress & jewelry and clearly, you are not wearing one of those usual evening gowns on your wedding day. If you can spend so much on your wedding dress and jewelry, why then would you keep your look half-done and not take the help of a skilled wedding makeup artist? Therefore, don’t waste anymore time thinking and start searching.

On the other hand, a highly skilled and professional wedding photographer knows how much make-up will be required for which looks- if your are going to have those love stories, specially. S/he can actually guide the wedding makeup artist to get you the perfect look. And of course, you would love to have all your most special day’s memories get captured properly! I mean you can think like spending a little less on wedding videography and wedding photography since you have decided to hire a professional wedding make-up artists. Again, are you ready to compromise with the look that you expect your dress & jewelry to provide you with, on your most special day? Let me remind you that wedding is a once-in-lifetime experience of a person’s life and therefore, every person takes proper time to prepare thoroughly for this day. You are already going to spend a lot on food, decoration, venue, dress, jewelry- then why would keep it half-done and keep regretting throughout your life?

Your money is really precious but not more than your wedding. You have to spend it to have an event. Then get yourself the best possible options for everything to make the most important event of your life- a grand success. Wish you a grand wedding day!