The Mandatory Subjects of Wedding Videography and Photography

There is no limit of subject or situation when it comes to taking selfies- just because we wish to click one and have required equipment at hand- we keep clicking on. There is no scope of forgetting one and taking a rather unimportant shot. But when it comes to any important event, specially the once-in-a-lifetime event of wedding, we need to be very careful about our shots. We can’t really keep taking random pictures and never wish to regret later for not taking an important moment. To avoid such problems, it’s best to decide on the subjects before hiring a professional wedding videography and wedding photography Singapore company.

We all know that there are different packages offered by the wedding videography and photography company in the market- there is hourly basis per day and again there is daily basis for a few days. Sometimes there’s a limit of hours and shots, sometimes unlimited time & clicks are offered. We can also take along the entire team of the hired wedding videography and photography company when the wedding is taking place out of station; even we can hire them to make sure that all the guests get their pictures taken by making the wedding photographer create a completely customized package based on our budget. Whatever option we choose, we need to be sure of what we must get captured, specially when the time & shots are limited.

Now you must be thinking that since you are hiring an expert or a professional, the person must know about the subjects to be captured, then why should you bother? You should bother because it’s your wedding and the expert, no matter how much expertise s/he has acquired, can’t know you and your partner better than yourselves. The expert will be more than enough to get your memories captured just like another wedding. But when you wish to make a difference, when you wish to have something completely like yourself- you better be involved. For the general photography like that on the actual day, during the church ceremony, the ring ceremony etc. are pretty much the same. But when it comes to make a love story film of your journey, it’s you and your partner who are the experts here.

Since the love story film requires to be captured before wedding day, discuss with your partner which parts of your journey so far you wish to get highlighted. There may be some moments which you find funny and your partner doesn’t, if such things are displayed in public, your day may go through a bit of cloudy sky. To make sure the brightest sun on your most special day, decide beforehand- the first meeting, the proposal, those special gifts, that special Valentine’s Day, the restaurant where you dine out most, the special dress, the place where you first kissed each other and things like these. Again, if you wish to go for a concept love story film like Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella, or Barbie etc. – choose your moments, how you wish to dress, how long you wish the concept love story to be, which parts of the fairy tale should be there, which parts are related to your actual story etc.

Before you meet your professional wedding videography and photography service provider with your partner, put these special points on a piece paper and give it to the hired professional. Then discuss with the person to come to the final selection and design. Be clear about everything- how many photographs you want, how long should be the videography, what kind of music should be used, which parts of the jewelries & dress need to be most focused and so on. Wish you a happy wedding day!