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Wedding Photography x Wedding Videography

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Once there was only moving pictures and no sound or dialogue of what was going on. Then again, there is animation. But nothing gives the pleasure of a full motion picture- movements, dialogues, background music- in short, a complete story. On the other hand, there are still pictures which are best options for capturing a special moment or highlighting that moment for promotional purposes. The point being here is, a wedding requires both- the motion picture and the still one. Therefore, both wedding videography and wedding photography are important, in fact must-have parts of a wedding.

Alternatives are always there- but we mustn’t forget that no alternative is a better option than the original idea. You can always replace videography with still pictures by making slideshow or something and adding background music & voice for dialogue. But will that be any different from an animated movie? Again, you can cut out pictures from your videography and make an album full of still pictures. But will it have the same impact as a professional wedding photography? No. Therefore, cut the idea of choosing any one option between wedding videography and photography and go for both. Let me explain in details.

The most flashy sign of a wedding or a married person is the ring on that ring finger of the left hand. Now, do you really think that your ring needs to be shown as being bought from the shop, being packed, being taken out from the box & placed on a beautiful case and then being put on your finger by your partner- all these in a moving picture? On the other hand, when your partner is putting that ring on your finger, you certainly would love to keep that memory as a live action and not as in still pictures put one after another. Again, that moment when s/he has finally put that ring on your finger- the feeling on your face and on your partner’s can’t be captured with motion pictures, it needs still capturing. Therefore, to have a proper memory of your ring ceremony, you need both photography and videography to preserve it perfectly.

To be more elaborate, when your are trying to capture the highlights to make a love story film of your actual journey together so far- you can make that slideshow through both wedding videography and photography. Again, when your are thinking of making a concept love story like the ones in fairy tales- you can opt for both. But if you have decided to make a feature film, only videography is your option. 

Point is, you can choose to have both and then decide which one to use for the actual purpose; but you can’t choose to have anyone or the other. Because, apart from being the visible inconsistencies, there are also technical inconsistencies associated with the choice of either of the two options from wedding videography and photography. A quality wedding photographer and videographer can select the best options for each purpose of your wedding event. S/he will know which equipment will be the best for which kind of photography & videography. There are different lenses available for portrait & landscape photography, for product photography, for food photography etc.; there are also different reflectors & lights available for photography & videography.

Therefore, keeping in mind the value of both your most important event and your hard-earned money, let the expert decide which is best for you and go for both wedding videography and photography.