The Honeymoon Phase


Hearing the words with your wedding videography Singapore crew  rolling the camera “ I now pronounce you husband and wife” and “ you may kiss the bride” while you both stand at the altar brings not only happiness but also a sense of relief. Gone is the weight off your shoulders of having to run around tasting cakes, going for different sessions to your tailor or dress-maker to try on your wedding outfit and moving people’s names around for the table plan, getting the wedding videography and wedding photography sorted as well as all the other responsibilities of wedding planning.

You can finally relax in your new status of ‘Just Married’. And that’s when things start to take on a different meaning – you realize that this new chapter in your life has begun. Time to bask in the glorious realization that you now have a companion by your side for the rest of your life to share your dreams and ultimately build on them. Time to get into that car, whether it is to head onto a road trip or to sail away on a mini vacation or fly to a romantic holiday destination. But this is more than just going on honeymoon for a few days or weeks. The beginning of your marriage starts with what is commonly referred to as ‘the honeymoon phase’.

It’s when you two are so engrossed with each other that your partner seems so perfect in every aspect, that he/she can do no wrong in your eyes and everything is rosy. Where the love between you two is at its ultimate best. Buying that first house together, choosing furniture together and building a home are wonderful moments in life. There is no doubt that the honeymoon phase is to be enjoyed thoroughly. Much time is given to this special part of the journey together because it is an important component of your marriage that influences your relationship.

It helps you build a foundation

This phase is important as it is the time where you get to be silly in love, where everything is permissible and never too cheesy or too insane – calling your partner by little sweet nicknames is simply adorable and going out of your way to write poetry or buy flowers every day after work is never too much. These are the special moments that fill your respective hearts with love.

It helps you forge an unbreakable bond

Sharing loving moments together with just the two of us, away from the rest of the world, in your little cocoon of love like lovebirds, hand in hand, dreaming of the future forges a strong intimacy. In other words, a bond that only you two can understand from the unspoken gestures of love and affection you two have shared, words that you’ve exchanged and only either of you know its real meaning. This creates an unparalleled level of affection and fondness that nobody else has, except for the two of you when you are together.

It helps you through the tough times

After many years of marriage, there will inevitably be challenges that you will encounter in various forms. These can be subtle such as the daily routine creeping up on you slowly without you even noticing. Or it can also be in more serious ways that can cause friction and unnecessary tension between the two of you. Looking back at this honeymoon phase can be life-transforming as it brings back sweet memories of the pure love you once shared and will help you regain it back by rekindling the spark that made your love shine.

Whilst planning for a wedding, the tiniest detail matters as they can have an impact on your future life together. The wedding videography and wedding photography for instance might not seem such a big deal at first, however fast forward to a few years into your marriage and you will be pleased to have something tangible to remind you, more than pictures or your own memories from your head, of the beauty of your love and how it all started. Watching the ceremony or the wedding dance together and other snippets of the celebration is all you need to ‘time travel’ into the past and come back again, stronger and determined to make it work for better or for worse.