How to choose your perfect wedding dress


wedding dress

As everyone knows, on the wedding day, the most important person is the bride.

The guests are first to be seated and then, they all wait, along with the groom for the bride to make her entrance. From the moment the music starts, announcing that the bride is walking down the aisle, all eyes are fixated on her. This is probably why for any bride, it is essential to be happy with how she looks before going down that aisle. From her hair to her perfectly polished and manicured toenails, everything has to look right, feel right and be right. Needless to say, the focal point of the bridal attire is unarguably what she is wearing – The Dress.

If you’re the one about to walk down the aisle soon, there is no doubt that you want to look your ultimate best. For that reason, the choice of the dress is a very important one for every future bride. Here are some guidelines you might wish to follow that will help you make this crucial decision in a stress-free manner:

  1. Know your body type

This is a key element when it comes to looking your best. A wedding dress is not simply about finding the most beautiful dress to wear, but also how you would look in the dress and to appear in your best shape for your wedding videography and wedding photography. Choose one that flatters your body shape – this is the secret to looking effortlessly elegant, when you have the perfect fit. This means avoid puffy, meringue-dresses (ones with huge skirts) if you’re short and if you have a ‘boyish’ figure, you might want to opt for a dress that creates the illusion of curves such as empire or sheath dresses. The bottom line is your wedding gown has to compliment your body. Not only will this allow you to look like a radiant bride but also to feel comfortable and glide beautifully along the aisle.

  1. Find the perfect ‘white’

If you’re after the traditional wedding, your wedding gown will most likely be white in color. To ease you into the choice of the right shade of white, firstly assess what is your skin complexion, the color of your eyes as well as the color of your hair. White gowns usually fare better with women who have porcelain-like skin or olive-toned skin, black or dark hair and bright eye color. Redheads with copper skin tones and hazel brown or green eyes and women with blonde or light brown hair and bright blue, green or hazel eyes look best in creamy whites, ivory, champagne, bone colored gowns.

  1. Match your wedding theme

The theme of your wedding will also be a factor that will determine the choice of your perfect dress. Along with the setting, the backdrop of the venue you have chosen, the décor and the floral centerpieces, your wedding dress has to be aligned with your chosen theme. You and the groom are after all, the main characters in this beautiful love story and therefore, you’ll need to both fit in perfectly and represent the hero and heroine of this magical day.

  1. Think beyond the dress

After you have taken into account the color, style, length of your dress, the other things to consider are the accessories and everything else that tie in with your wedding dress. Every woman knows that accessories play a significant role in complimenting the outfit, if not, complete it. Think about the shoes that you will be wearing, the jewelry you wish to wear and your bouquet. The accessories need to accentuate the wedding dress not hide it. Likewise, your dress should equally compliment your accessories. For instance, if you are wearing an ornate necklace, this will probably look better on bare skin, with a beautiful V-neck cut or a strapless wedding dress.

There is a lot of thought that goes on in the selection of the perfect wedding dress for you. Above all though, bear in mind that this is your special day. The day where you get to feel like a million dollars without having to lift a finger, a day where you have earned the right to be the most beautiful woman to the one who is waiting for you at the altar. In that light, the above are merely guidelines to help you in this decision, however it is ultimately your choice to wear the dress that you feel right for you.