How to choose a wedding dress based on your body type


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There is nothing more beautiful than a glowing bride in her dazzling wedding gown on her special day and having her wedding videography and wedding photography taken. The bride stands out – dressed in elegant white or ivory – from every other person in the room, every other woman. No one can equal her presence – the bride alone is wearing a beautiful wedding dress.

In that light, the wedding dress is therefore an important aspect of the wedding day. It reflects in a very major way the beauty of any wife-to-be. Much emphasis is placed on selecting the perfect dress. But what exactly does this mean and how do you determine which dress is best for you in order to look your very best for your videography and photography? Firstly, we start by assessing what your body type is and secondly, the choice of your dress will be based on this.

The different body types:

  1. Hourglass – women with this body shape usually have a tiny waist, with shoulders and hips approximately the same size and a full bust. Curves are well defined in this body type. It is also the ideal body type for most women. Choose a dress that nips in at the waist, such as corset dresses. This will draw attention to your defined waist and accentuate it as your best asset, without adding bulk to the bust area. Stay away from ball gowns and empire-line style dresses.
  1. Pear – Your hips are wider than your shoulders and your buttocks and thighs are full and round thus creating a pear shape. You also probably have a well-defined waistline. Choose a dress that defines your waist while covering up your hips, such as A-line or princess gowns. Strapless dresses can also be very flattering. Avoid mermaid style dresses, sheaths or straight gowns.
  1. Inverted Triangle – Your shoulders are broader than your hips, you have fuller breasts and your buttocks are more likely to be quite flat. This is also known as an athletic body type. Choose dresses with simple or scoop necklines so that you avoid drawing attention to your bust area. Leave the ornate beading or embroidery for the middle and lower part of your dress. Try long laced sleeves to cover up your shoulders and your arms. Alternatively, you might wear a bolero or shawl to cover the top part of your arms and shoulders.
  1. Rectangle – As the name suggests, your shoulders, bust area, waistline and hips are more or less the same width. With this body shape, what you are aiming for is the creation of curves and the definition of your waistline. In order to do this, choose dresses that draw attention upwards such as strapless or V-neck dresses. Alternatively, you can go for more details towards the hem such as mermaid style gowns with beading and lace. Empire or A-line dresses, ball gowns work well with this type as it defines your waistline. You can also wear a bow or colourful sash around your waist. Avoid straight dresses that will make you look even more rectangular and shapeless.
  1. Apple – Fuller breasts, round buttocks, with your shoulders and hips being almost the same size, this body shape is the most voluptuous of all. Empire-line and A-line gowns are the best for this body type to give the illusion of a slender body and will not draw attention away from your waist. Avoid thin straps as these will cut through the skin around your shoulders. Stay away from princess dresses.
  1. Petite – This is for women who have a slender build, short height. Do favour sheaths and A-line style dresses. Ideally, you want a dress that has a higher waistline such as the Empire style dresses. Avoid mermaid style dresses or meringue, full skirted gowns as these can make you look squashed and seem like you are drowning in your dress.
  1. Slender –women with a slim figure, usually an undefined waistline. Sheaths, dresses with embroidery and bows create the illusion of curves. Do choose high necklines and gowns with fuller skirts. Avoid portrait halter necklines or strapless gowns as this may reveal too much bony structure at the collarbone level.

We hope that these tips above will help you choose the dress that will suit your figure the best. Remember to try your dress with the pair of shoes you will wear on your wedding day to have a clearer idea of what you will look like. Whatever your body type, it is simply a matter of choosing the perfect fit. If the dress fits and enhances your best assets as per your body type, then you should have absolutely no doubt that you will be resplendent.