How to choose a hairstyle for your wedding


With so many things to order, buy, book, make lists of and prepare for your wedding, it is only normal to also put in a lot of thought into choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day. Every bride wants to look spectacular and truly beautiful on that day. This is key to marching confidently along the aisle, to be alluring on the dance-floor for that opening dance and to look flawlessly beautiful for the wedding videography and photography. Looking beautiful, besides the wedding gown, the shoes, the bridal bouquet, the accessories, the make-up, involves a hairstyle that suits your face and matches with the rest of your overall attire. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a hairstyle for your wedding:

  1. Your hair type

It is vital to take into account the type of hair you have because some styles will work better with fine hair and others with hair with more volume. It all comes down to what style you want and if it will work with your hair type. For instance, if you have really fine hair and they are straight, you might need a lot more hairspray if you want to have curls on that day. The complexity of the hairstyle might involve more time with your hairdresser. Likewise, if you have shoulder length hair with lots of layers, you might want to steer clear of a French braid because you will have loose strands of hair coming out of the braid because the length of your hair is not uniform.

  1. Your face

You will need a hairstyle that enhances your features, not one that hides them or emphasizes something you don’t necessarily want as the focal point. If you have big ears for instance, it would be preferable to have your hair loose, falling into a cascade of beautiful locks rather than in a classic chignon. If you have a round face and have short hair, you might want to be careful if you are having curls as it might make your face even rounder rather than elongate it if you have it in a sleek straight hairdo.

  1. Your jewellery

If your neck and ears are going to be adorned by elegant, opulent jewels, you would want to show them off and not risk having them hidden by your hairstyle. A classic bun with a few loose strands covering your cheeks will look better and display your jewels in a better light.

  1. Your wedding gown

The wedding gown matters in the sense that if you have intricate lace or other patterns with tiny details on the neckline or in the back of your neck going down, you would not want to hide this with long thick curly hair but rather have your hair neatly tied up for a classical look. This will give you the chance to show off the beautiful parts of the wedding gown. If you have a boob tube dress, you have more flexibility in choosing between either having your hair loose (curly or straight), falling on your shoulders and grazing your décolleté, or have them up in a bun, chignon or plaited.

  1. Your partner

Just remember that you are getting yourself ready for the man with whom you will spend the rest of your life with. He will be waiting for you at the altar and you have no doubt that he finds you irresistible. By now, you two know each other quite well, enough to say that you know what kind of hairstyle he prefers on you. He perhaps has had the chance to see different versions of you –when you cut your hair or allow it to grow longer, when you color your hair or wear bangs. And you most certainly know which ones stood out more and made him look at you with desire and admiration in his eyes. Therefore, it only makes sense that you also consider him in the decision-making process.