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OJQ + celestalAn Epic Conclusion

An epic wedding videography love story film to end off 2013. OJQ and Celestal is such a fun couple to work with. During the initial meetup, we found them to have very interesting and outgoing personalities. As we seek deeper into their love story, we also found them to have huge differences in their individual views of how their love story actually developed over the past 10 years. OJQ think their story happened in one way while Celestal think their story developed in another way. It is akin to the book written by John Gray “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”. It was actually fun watching them telling us their own versions with lots of fun arguments in between. It was at this point that we decided to produce a love story film which can strongly portray their fun personalities and individual viewpoints instead of a common consensus. The challenge is that the film has to show how OJQ and Celestal are really like as a couple in real life.

During the scene design stage, we decided to have OJQ and 2 of his best buddies having a chit chat session at the garden while trimming bonsai while Celestal is also having her own conversation with her friend in the kitchen baking cake. We chose these 2 activities (trimming bonsai and baking cake) not due to our fabled imagination, but because these are their real life past time hobbies and we really want to portray that.

kenneth + adelineIt's a Match

It may come as a surprise to most people that Kenneth and Adeline only knew each other for 6 months when Adeline accepted Kenneth’s proposal. Even though they are together for a short period of time, they have talked about compatibility and marriage. In fact, Kenneth has this compatibility matrix where the both of them measured near 8 on the scale of 1-10! They share the same goal in life, sports, jobs and even rear the same breed of dog. They know exactly what they are looking for and what they are going into. Both of them have great sunshine personalities and both love dogs and running. A true blessing that they have found each other. Oh yes, and not to forget their canine companions – Kaiser, Hiccup and Bibi.

When we first met up with Kenneth & Adeline, we knew we were going to have a blast at filming their love story and this is going to be a great wedding videography film. With such an outdoor-loving couple, most of the scenes were done out in the sun. Kaiser and Hiccup attracted much attention when we were out shooting. One memorable scene that we shot was the dog competition. As it was a real competition, we had to be fast on our feet as well as there wasn’t much chance for a retake. During the competition break, we were only given 10 minutes to film the scene where Adeline tripped and fell. It was basically a shoot-and-move-on kind of pace.

Their wedding date marks the first year of them together. See if you can spot their wedding date (in numerals) in the video.

jeremy + joanneI pledge you my love & faithfulness

During all these years of doing wedding videography and photography, we’ve come across much cross-cultural weddings. A cross-cultural wedding is interesting with its unique touch to portray different customs. It shows that love has no boundaries. Jeremy is a local Chinese with a Taiwanese mum and Joanne is an Eurasian with an Eurasian dad and Filipino mum. For Jeremy, there is the tea ceremony where the couple pays respects to the seniors by serving tea and receive red packets in return. Whereas for Joanne, they have a family party where family members and relatives have wines, cakes, toasting and loads of well wishes for the bride who is leaving the house for the last time as a single. The blending of the 2 cultures gives a unique taste to this beautiful wedding that we have the pleasure of filming.

vinnie + nicoleSo Pretty

During the wedding preparation stage, we didn’t have a chance to meet Vinnie and Nicole as they are both based in the States. It was only until a week before the wedding day that we finally had the chance to meet and to know this lovely couple more in-depth and to discuss the wedding videography approach. Nicole has a very capable mum who plays the one-time wedding planner and everyone knew that she was instrumental in the success of the wedding.

The day started later than what we usually film and having the absence of gate-crashing games enables us to focus more on the story flow presentation as the day unfolds itself naturally.

Nicole was the kind of bride that we always love to capture. Never worried about how things will turn out, and always full of smiles.

After meeting Vinnie and Nicole and getting to know their personalities and the wedding day, we knew that we want to approach this film with a slow soundtrack and edit it in a heart warming fashion with a good dose of dialogues which is a good representation of their characters.


the jamiesLove as a choice

Name of groom? Jamie. Name of bride? Jamie too! We couldn’t imagine the laughter both of them had when they first knew each other. How do their families and friends call and differentiate them? They call them Jamie boy or Jamie girl. Easy peasy!

This has got to be one of the most touching and memorable wedding videography film we have filmed this year and when we were watching and capturing their vows, we knew this wedding film was going to be something special. Before the wedding day arrives, Jamie boy & girl told us in details about the setups and plans they had for their wedding day and this enables us to capture moments that were not only important to Jamie boy & girl but also revealed how the small details that went into the wedding all came together – from their dating photos being set-up as a display, to the balloons and black and white paper cupboard rabbits that were placed all around the church lawn.



dylan + joanneSurprise

This is a short wedding videography film based on the true love story of Dylan and Joanne. What’s interesting about this film is that we try to tell their story in a different presentation style and move more in the direction of a short film than a music video or a dramatized documentary and we think it worked out well.

We had great fun shooting this film. As there were many locations to cover, we had to move and shoot fast. For most of the shoots, we were blessed with good weather. However, it started raining when we were about to shoot the 2nd last scene (Dylan’s phone call with his mum in the car). We decided to change the original indoor scene to an outdoor car scene, braving the rain with an umbrella. With Dylan and Joanne in the car on a rainy evening, this further heightens the air of romance of the story.

cas + hannahChallenges of Marriage

A lovely wedding videography film which we had great fun filming. I have to admit that locally it’s rare to have the bride do up her makeup in a salon instead of her home. The day starts at around 6am and after the makeup, we went back to Hannah’s apartment (across the road) for the rest of the preparation. It was a good day filled with great weather and sunlight which gave much energy to the day and is a good representation of the fun-filled characters of both Cas and Hannah.

desmond + hsing yingTears of Joy

When we first met up with Desmond and Hsing Ying to discuss their wedding, we knew that they are a very special couple. Having knew and been together with each other for 13 years (since JC days), it doesn’t take long for one to feel the strong and certain love they have for each other over these years. For their wedding, they rented 3 villas, one above the other by the beach and the ceremony was held at one of it. As Bali is a favorite short getaway holiday destination for them, it makes perfect sense to seal their promises and vows there.

Instead of filming and editing the piece as a regular wedding day film, we decide to present their story more intimately by striking a balance between showing the wedding day event and a very personal interview with the both of them recalling their first meeting and how they get together. We remember Desmond told us that whenever they come to Bali, they love to hang out and relax with each other at the villas, hotel and beaches. Thus we decided to film them hanging and enjoying each others company around their 3 villas and beaches. We believe this is a very good representation of their usual holiday routine and by having this approach the audience will have a better understanding of their personalities and love story.

As you can see from the film, the interview gives a very good introduction of the earlier part of their love lives, and the ceremony vows further strengthen their love commitments. As a wedding videography film-maker, our belief and philosophy towards wedding film has always been story driven over visual candies and this is the reason why Desmond and Hsing Ying approached us right from the start.

bryan + lingIf It's Love

What we really like about this love story film is how it managed to bring out the humorous & adventurous personalities and lifestyles of Bryan and Ling in an interesting manner. If you notice, there are 3 different time dimensions in this film – the Dream, Flashbacks and Actual.

During the storyboard discussion, we discovered that Bryan has a good habit of reading newspaper – he goes through every single page without fail everyday. In order to portray this character in the film, we decided to incorporated newspaper reading scene into the courtship scene a few times in a humorous way. By doing this we are able to portray a few things at once; the reading habit, the humorous nature and the courtship of Bryan on Ling.

We are lucky that they had a fun group of friends who are very willing to play multiple supporting role in the film. None of them are pros but we must say, they were really good for 1st-time actors/actresses. One of the most important supporting character in this film got to be Keith (the waiter). His amusing smiles give a good conclusion and twist to the story. Hardly much NGs from him. Cool!

This film was screened before the first march-in during the dinner banquet and had received great feedback from the guests.

satya + renuA Dance Challenge

At our very first meet up, Satya impressed us with his vision on how he want his wedding videography process to be captured and presented. Being a photographer himself, he has his own sense of aesthetics.

As it is our first attempt on a Hindu wedding, Satya took all the trouble to explain to us their ritual and wedding proceedings. Not only was it a great experience for us to be part of Satya and Renu’s wedding, it was also a great challenge due to unfamiliar culture and we want to preserve the true Hindu taste and feel. It truly broadened our perspectives on Hindu weddings.