bryan + lingIf It's Love

What we really like about this love story film is how it managed to bring out the humorous & adventurous personalities and lifestyles of Bryan and Ling in an interesting manner. If you notice, there are 3 different time dimensions in this film – the Dream, Flashbacks and Actual.

During the storyboard discussion, we discovered that Bryan has a good habit of reading newspaper – he goes through every single page without fail everyday. In order to portray this character in the film, we decided to incorporated newspaper reading scene into the courtship scene a few times in a humorous way. By doing this we are able to portray a few things at once; the reading habit, the humorous nature and the courtship of Bryan on Ling.

We are lucky that they had a fun group of friends who are very willing to play multiple supporting role in the film. None of them are pros but we must say, they were really good for 1st-time actors/actresses. One of the most important supporting character in this film got to be Keith (the waiter). His amusing smiles give a good conclusion and twist to the story. Hardly much NGs from him. Cool!

This film was screened before the first march-in during the dinner banquet and had received great feedback from the guests.