desmond + hsing yingTears of Joy

When we first met up with Desmond and Hsing Ying to discuss their wedding, we knew that they are a very special couple. Having knew and been together with each other for 13 years (since JC days), it doesn’t take long for one to feel the strong and certain love they have for each other over these years. For their wedding, they rented 3 villas, one above the other by the beach and the ceremony was held at one of it. As Bali is a favorite short getaway holiday destination for them, it makes perfect sense to seal their promises and vows there.

Instead of filming and editing the piece as a regular wedding day film, we decide to present their story more intimately by striking a balance between showing the wedding day event and a very personal interview with the both of them recalling their first meeting and how they get together. We remember Desmond told us that whenever they come to Bali, they love to hang out and relax with each other at the villas, hotel and beaches. Thus we decided to film them hanging and enjoying each others company around their 3 villas and beaches. We believe this is a very good representation of their usual holiday routine and by having this approach the audience will have a better understanding of their personalities and love story.

As you can see from the film, the interview gives a very good introduction of the earlier part of their love lives, and the ceremony vows further strengthen their love commitments. As a wedding videography film-maker, our belief and philosophy towards wedding film has always been story driven over visual candies and this is the reason why Desmond and Hsing Ying approached us right from the start.