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vinnie + nicoleSo Pretty

During the wedding preparation stage, we didn’t have a chance to meet Vinnie and Nicole as they are both based in the States. It was only until a week before the wedding day that we finally had the chance to meet and to know this lovely couple more in-depth and to discuss the wedding videography approach. Nicole has a very capable mum who plays the one-time wedding planner and everyone knew that she was instrumental in the success of the wedding.

The day started later than what we usually film and having the absence of gate-crashing games enables us to focus more on the story flow presentation as the day unfolds itself naturally.

Nicole was the kind of bride that we always love to capture. Never worried about how things will turn out, and always full of smiles.

After meeting Vinnie and Nicole and getting to know their personalities and the wedding day, we knew that we want to approach this film with a slow soundtrack and edit it in a heart warming fashion with a good dose of dialogues which is a good representation of their characters.