the jamiesLove as a choice

Name of groom? Jamie. Name of bride? Jamie too! We couldn’t imagine the laughter both of them had when they first knew each other. How do their families and friends call and differentiate them? They call them Jamie boy or Jamie girl. Easy peasy!

This has got to be one of the most touching and memorable wedding videography film we have filmed this year and when we were watching and capturing their vows, we knew this wedding film was going to be something special. Before the wedding day arrives, Jamie boy & girl told us in details about the setups and plans they had for their wedding day and this enables us to capture moments that were not only important to Jamie boy & girl but also revealed how the small details that went into the wedding all came together – from their dating photos being set-up as a display, to the balloons and black and white paper cupboard rabbits that were placed all around the church lawn.