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The Joy Truck 《快乐速递》Season 3 Episode 10 Finale

Xu Hui Lai (48) suffers from Paraplegia after an accident in 2008. His wife, who has been suffering from mild anxiety due to the unfortunate turn of event, is suddenly required to take up the responsibility to support the family. She also suffers from spiral problems, hypertension and diabetes. Their daughter is a slow learner and needs attend the special school. The whole family is now living a difficult life, depending on the remaining earning of Hui Lai and the limited amount of CPF. Artistes ambassadors this week are Zoe Tay and Dennis Chew!

Like the previous episode, we are very blessed to be able to bring joy and loving memories to Mr Xu and his family. With the advancement of modern medicine, we sincerely pray for Mr Xu to be able to regain his movement in the future.