Spend the Rest of Your Life With Me: A Proposal at Sunset

There is nothing more instant recognizable romantic gesture than when a man proposes marriage down on one bent knee and ask “Will you marry me?”. Catholics bend on one knee as a sign of respect toward the tabernacle before taking their seats for the Mass. Knights bend down on one before the king when being knighted and when presenting themselves in a show of honor to royalty. In war, the losing party would kneel in front of the army who won the battle in surrender.

Respect. Honor. Surrender. Those are the reasons behind the bended knee in a marriage. As a sign of respect, the man lowers himself as an act of humility before the woman he desires to spend the rest of his life with.

Spend the Rest of Your Life With Me: A Proposal at Sunset is a beautiful proposal advert shoot in collaboration with producer The Wedding Scoop and The Wedding Stylist. Featuring real-life husband and wife Justin and Shuyi, production is a breeze as their emotions, affections and touches are all natural, and we absolutely love that!

Filming locations includes CHIJMES, Ritz Carlton hotel and Garden by the Bay East whereas costumes, props and setups were contributed by the following amazing partners:

Gowns: Ines Di Santo (white gown) and Galia Lahav (black gown) from The Proposal
Dress: Love, Yu
Suit: Suitsupply
Jewellery: Boucheron
Hair Accessory: Gioielli
Hair and Makeup: The Make Up Room
Flowers: Fiore Dorato
Lighting: Bcube Entertainment
Stationery: Carda&Co